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Date: Monday February 6, 2023
Time: 7:00pm
Location: In-person or Zoom
Address: Council Chambers, 400 6th st, Rochester
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01/17/2023 Update
The meeting was interesting. Thank you to those who came. McKenna and Associates were there to advise the Planning Commission and City Council on the discrepancies between our zoning ordinances and zoning map and our Master Plan and how that can be fixed. There are two clips below that are in our favor - McKenna and Assoc. advised the city to follow the Master Plan whenever possible!

There are two ways that the city could make the our legal zoning map match the future land use map in the Master Plan:

1- The city could initiate re-zoning so our legal zoning map matches the Master Plan. (i.e. Solaronics is Industrial in our ordinances and zoning map. According to the Master Plan this area will be RT. In this case the area would be rezoned RT. This is one example. There are more across the city.) This option would be quicker to make our future land use map in the Master Plan and our zoning ordinance map match.

2- Let it happen organically as developers come in and ask to rezone properties.

There was no clear direction as to which the city was going to take, however the Mayor asked McKenna and Assoc to begin drawing up the zoning map. He mentioned it could still happen organically, but at least this process would be started.

There were questions about re-zoning parcels of land. Here are two parts of the meeting where the city was encouraged to stick with their master plan. If a developer wants to rezone inconsistent with the master plan, they need to make a compelling case as to why this rezoning would benefit the community. Vidya said that the rezoning needs to hold value for residents and that cleaning up a Brownfield is not enough. The bar needs to be higher. They are in the process of setting standards to rate public benefit.

The mayor inquiring about a developer requesting rezoning:


This is Commissioner McGee asking McKenna and Assoc about rezoning property inconsistent with the Master Plan:


Ludlow/Woodward Avenue Area Residents...

We Need Your

THE PROBLEM: A potential development project is requesting rezoning so they can build a three story, 88 unit, 38 foot high building on the street with residential properties on Ludlow & Woodward.

LOCATION: Near the Rochester Park, Paint Creek Trail, and Dinosaur Hill.

TIMING: Plans are set to move forward if community residents like you don’t ACT SOON!



Negative Impact on Property Values

Safety Concerns at the Paint Creek Trail

Disruption of natural beauty (due to the height of the building)

Local infrastructure / increase in traffic flow

Proposed rezoning conflicts with Rochester Master Plan

Proposed conditional zoning may not pass on to future owners and may set a precedence for other properties.



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Email City Planning and City Council. Tell them you "oppose rezoning the Solaronics property and to implement the Master Plan as written."

Attend the Planning Commission Meetings (in person or on zoom, details above).
When: Jan 3 at 7pm.

Help inform your friends and neighbors about this project and get them involved.

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